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Though raw chicken seems slimy out of the package, a recent study proved that there is a higher risk of transferring the bacteria to your sink and everything you might wash after it. A much safer way to kill all the bacteria is to cook it thoroughly. 


If the bag says your salad has been pre-washed, there’s no need to wash it again because it has already gone through a particular wash system to remove all the dirt. 


As it turned out, washing eggs doesn’t remove germs. By rinsing the eggs at home, we damage the coating letting all the bacteria inside. So always store your eggs in the fridge and cook them thoroughly. 

 Red Meat

It’s not just enough to wash red meat because many bacteria stay deep in the fibers. Always cook red meat at least 145 degrees to make it safe. 


The only way to destroy all gems in your fish is to cook it thoroughly, except for oysters, mussels, clams, and scallops that you should eat fresh.