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1. Don’t hesitate to throw out all expired food, including canned food, beyond its sell-by date.

2. Keep the things you use every day, like a milk frother or toaster, so they are not cluttered and convenient to reach. 

3. Store things you’re not ready to get rid of or rarely use on a high shelf or in your closet. This will free up enough space for those items that you use often. 

4. Keep your countertops clean and clear them from unnecessary kitchen appliances, wires, papers, and other random stuff that create havoc in your kitchen. 

5. Organize a special shelf for leftovers and frequently consumed products in your fridge. This way, it’ll be much easier to find them and eat them before they expire. 

6. Use your vertical space reasonably simply by adjusting your shelves or replacing them with stackable ones to clear vertical space for your cups and plates

7. Buy a lazy susan to store your spices, herbs, and oils.